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Can any body guide me how to make back links through Google, not much important in other search engines. I know links generated from NOFOLLOW pages wont accepted as Google back link. Please guide to make better back links in Google. I will be much thankful for them.Thanks


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    You can build backlinks in forums like these for the services you offer, you could also get yourself listed in many of the free business directories on the web. You could even start a blog for the work you do. Alternatively there is many an [url= url]SEO consultant[/url] you can use for advice. Google V7N they are a very useful SEM resource.
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    seo consultant you can build backlinks like the one highlighted in blue in forums by doing following this type seo consultant , obviously without the spaces and with your website and anchor text.
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    it might sound irrevelant but might help you...
    How do I make a backlink?

    To make a backlink it takes a couple steps. (they're real easy don't worry)

    1. Know your url. If you want your link to send people to the front page, or to a specific article or blog post, make sure you have the specific url for that. For example it might be the difference between which is the main page of my personal blog or this: which is a specific post.

    2. Now you need a little html magic. You will need to use this html code to make a link:

    3. You will need a keyword for your link. Don't use a keyword that is in the title of your blog/article/website, because the search engines will already see it in your url. Choose something else that is relevant to where you are sending people. For example, using the above post I might use the key word Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken Ste
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    Create a back link is continuous efforts of on page SEO and off page SEO. Both have equal and continuous efforts of it. If you wants more information then,

    See : Digital Marketing
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    Best way to create more and more backlinks are:
    Directory Submission
    Article submission
    Forum Posting
    Blog Posting
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    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Reputation Management
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    Send link request to relevant websites,book marking,press releases are the great tool for making strong back links.
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    Hi there

    Making backlinks is easy as many people here have pointed out. But one thing I'm not sure I spoteed was to make sure that your backlinks wherever they are are surrounded by relevent text.

    What I mean is that Google will not only look for your backlink and the words you use (anchor text) it will also look at the words surrounding it for some sort of context - you will see this referred to as LSI or latent semantic indexing.
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    You might benefit by reading what industry leaders say--
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    here is the solution for you.

    First of all you can tell me what is no follow and Do follow link Means? you can learn about this two topic and then reply me?i will gave the best solution for this topic.
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