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dstrompfdstrompf FloridaRegistered Users
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I have been working hard at building fresh content articles to rank better and I have discovered another company who is ranking better than me. This company is taking all of the articles I submit to article directories, syndicating them word for word with trackbacks to my original article, but they are changing the anchored links from my site to their own site.
This takes the fresh away from my content.

Are their methods white hat?
Is it legal?
What should I do?


  • seomarketingcompanyseomarketingcompany 100 Post Club
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    Keep it up. You are in right track because people coping your content so don't worry.
  • MacintoshMacintosh Registered Users
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    Oh that sucks, although this procedure happens all the time. Article spinning is very common nowadays. More often than not, you have the better version of the article since you've got the original content and theirs is just a copy and not written very well.
  • webseowebseo Registered Users
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    By you having the original one Google will probably pick up that your version was the original one and over time your will rank above theirs.

    Unfortunately lots of this is done nowadays so it is very difficult to stop so you just need to make sure that your site has more diverse and original content on it.
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