BackLinking your own blog to your own website. Is publishing multiple blogs good?

oldscoutoldscout Registered Users
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I'm still unclear about this. Can you create a blog with backlinks to your website and have Google count that as relevant in raising your PR???

Is it possible to create numerous blogs that link back to your website and have Google count them as relevant?? Seems to easy... Can you have the same content on each blog??

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  • MHasanMHasan Banned Users
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    Of-course back link is more important for a web site. Blog commenting is good enough with back link as well as traffic.
  • webslingerwebslinger AustraliaModerators
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    Yes you can set up your own blogs and link them back to your main site although I wouldn't rely on this technique only and if your blogs are on the same server as your main site, the links wont carry as much value.
  • elmerkitelmerkit 500 Post Club
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    That would be a very good back up i would suggest to do it.
  • upbupb 100 Post Club
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    This is a good idea. I have several blogs with dedictade IP's that link back to my site. I also link to an authority site or two as well. I also then have several blogs on Wordprerss and Blogger that also link back. While these free blogs may carry less weight it's still a good pratice. Of course all your blogs cannot have the same content. It should be revelent to your main site but you cannot post the exact same entry on all of them, even two of them. Mix it up a little.
  • bogsbogs Banned Users
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    as long as they are all relevant and follow google webmaster guidelines..
  • it2pservicesit2pservices Registered Users
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    I don't believe if you link your blog to your site it will get high-PR. It is most probably to have your blog or site to gain PR by doing link building techniques like blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking, directory submission and blog posting.
  • seofiraseofira Registered Users
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    If your main site and the blog have the same IP then you will get no link juice for your site. They must be from different IP. After Google Panda update duplicate content is forbidden. If you use same content in multiple sites then they must be affected by Google Panda. So, do not do it. By the way blogs provide very powerful backlinks.
  • David MulfreyDavid Mulfrey 500 Post Club
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    By interlinking with your own blogs helps to increase credibility for the keywords you are targeting. Dont use the same content for every blog, you need to write unique and quality content for each and every blogs. They only the crawl rate for your blog site will increase.
  • blackwhitephotographyblackwhitephotography Registered Users
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    So if I want to rank my site higher in google I should create a blog that is not in the same domain? Blog that is not at the same server?
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