why does my google ranking keep changing

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Well, let me introduces me - My name is Amit Kumar and i do take care of website development and have a good knowledge about SEO. so here is my question is - MY keyword ranking is Fluctuating every day like if my keyword is showing me on first page of google at 8th position in the morning and in the evening or night it will be on 18 position, i'm tracking this from last many months & continuously tracking last 15 days each time. I updated all required things according to guidelines such as keyword in title, meta description, url of the concerned webpage, alt text, H (Heading) tags and content body with appropriate density. fetched by google submit many sites do internal linking and with blog over site & with high quality content but the result is remain same - i'm sharing the url & request to give best suggestion would be very thankful to all, i expect this is kind of place where people even everyone get the solution of their queries.
url: https://www.dermaclinix.in/best-hair-transplant-delhi.html

My keywords are hair transplant in delhi & best hair transplant in delhi. These keywords are not fix at any level so that i could come to know that what is exact problem with it.

Request you to help me please.... Looking forward for better response


  • ewebacewebac MumbaiRegistered Users
    Ok.. I just checked and didn't found your website in top 50 for the targeted url.. and the reason behind is the url structure of your website is not good its look like a misguiding. And also I checked your website url format is also not consistent for e.g. "-" & "_" in url. I think you should work on the url first and then do a proper url mapping for each keyword then do the on page and off page it will give you the desired result..

    Thanks :)
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    SERPs can fluctuate are you using any tools to monitor or just googling each day? There have been quite a few changes recently with google, follow MozCast to keep an eye on the likely hood of changes..
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