How many times an article/blog can be submitted?

sriramonsriramon Registered Users
According to Google, an article/blog should be submitted only one time. But in real, we don't do that. How many times an article/blog can be submitted in multiple places?


  • JuliaMitchell83JuliaMitchell83 Registered Users
    I would say you could post the same article 10 times but change the anchor and URL 3 or 4 times.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    There is no specific rules but avoid duplicate content as much possible.
    Normally, It is not bad if you use an article in 5 to 6 websites. Make sure that articles published in your website should not be published elsewhere. You can promote the link of your website's article but not the entire article with content.
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