Why people are still use Directory submision?

nehasaxenanehasaxena Registered Users
Directory submission are useful in seo? and how ?


  • mukeshkr5683mukeshkr5683 Registered Users
    Directory Submission also provide you the backlink but you have to use Niche Directory with High DA that will help your keywords to rank better in Google.
  • naveenkumarnaveenkumar Registered Users
    Directory submission is not much effective technique in today's seo world, but don't totally ignore it as it can help you in getting some quality backlinks. DMOZ and some with good domain authority directories are still very effective as it is associated with several search engines like AOL, also the approval process is quite better than other directories.
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    I don't suggest that you should go to directory submission as there more things that you can do to attain good ranking and more traffic. Go for forum posting or blog commenting.
  • ewebacewebac MumbaiRegistered Users
    Yes Directory Submission is one of the important part of SEO for Backlinks. If we get a backlinks from directory sites it last long and it ever get deleted. And also there are Business Directory sites are also there which helps you to collect backlink locally and it gives you a instant backlink.
  • liyanstechliyanstech KolkataRegistered Users
    It is important for backlinks.
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    You need to vary backlinking sources and referral domains. The more referral domains, the better. I think is why people are still doing directory submissions. So long as you can build backlinks through this method, people are still going to do it.
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    Links which you post yourself, such as directory links, are regarded as pretty well worthless by search engines. Done to excess, they can be regarded as part of a link scheme (designed to manipulate search results) and lead to your site being penalised.

    Reputable directory sites will mark links as nofollow, which will render them useless for SEO. However, you may get some traffic from these, especially if it is a specialised directory relevant to your niche.

    Widespread posting of directory links is just a waste of your time.
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