What is The advantages of forum Commenting?

linkmasterlinkmaster RanchiRegistered Users
“Backlink” is one of the most used words in the world of search engine optimization. Many bloggers who have only recently started a blog or a website often struggle to understand what the term “backlink” means. In this post, I hope you offer you an understanding of what backlinks are and why they are essential to SEO and your online success.


  • itswebitsweb Registered Users
    Forum commenting provides the quality back-link to the website. It not only gives knowledge on relevant functional area. But also gives ensures to boost up the website page rank.
  • Line9InlineLine9Inline San Antonio,Texas.Registered Users
    Creates good backlinks + you can learn and also help others- Win Win!
  • AllysonRulesAllysonRules Registered Users
    Its not just about backlinks but its about sharing your point of view about a certain topic. It also a good way of interacting with the different types of people.
  • hardy_jason01hardy_jason01 Registered Users
    The main advantage of forum posting is Firstly its solve your problem you can ask anything that you don't know about anything people shared their knowledge with you and they help to get backlink too. this is the advantage of it.
  • josechukkirijosechukkiri IndiaRegistered Users
    Forum postings enables the members to communicate about many things among themselves. It is a great facility provided by the forums.
  • appkodesappkodes USARegistered Users
    1.Forum posting is the greatest way to make back links.

    2.Forum links allows you to boost you’re the link popularity of your website.Hence your search engine rank will increase and brings more organic traffic.

    3.Through forum you can get direct referrals and lead from these forums.

    4.Forums are well cached by search engines.

    5 Forums are the excellent way to get free traffic towards website.
  • vertexvertex Registered Users
    To get the backlinks and to increase website traffic,
    To share the information about related information and to get the information from forum sites.

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  • IntuzIntuz CaliforniaRegistered Users
    You should not use forums to only get "backlinks". Forum sites are created for helping users with their queries. You should use forums to help other members and get help for your questions.

    The backlinks from forum sites are no-follow in most of the cases. So, will not help your website to rank in Google.
    But, if the forum category or niche is same as your business, you can get reference traffic.
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