Question about recurring keywords in hundreds of meta titles

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ne of my clients is launching a city directory w/ 800 pages. It includes restaurants and businesses. It's based on one city. His plan is to enter each meta title with :Restaurant name+in+ city name.

My fear is that he will be penalized for having the city name on hundreds of pages. Should I tell him to mix it up and in some cases use: city name + restaurant?

FYI- The name of the city is part of the domain. The domain features


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    I wouldn't stress that one too much, Google will be smart enough to determine the site is about a particular city. however, it would be more beneficial to configure the titles in the following format, as an example;

    Ronaldo's Restuarant CityName - Kids Eat Free Every Tuesday!

    Name - City - USP (Unique Selling Point).

    Mamma Mia's CityName - Free Bottle of Wine With Every Banquet!

    You could even leave the CityName out of the title as it will be in the URL and save those precious characters int he title!!!
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