URLs are different why???

sanjaysinghpatwalsanjaysinghpatwal Registered Users
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Most people consider these the same urls:


But technically all of these urls are different why???


  • webslingerwebslinger AustraliaModerators
    I'd love to be corrected here as it's not something I've ever researched but rather have accepted it is the way it is.

    However, as a common sense guess I'm guessing it has to do with the following;

    www.example.com/index.html can be a document about dogs and referred to from external resources.
    www.example.com/home.asp could be about cats and also referred to from external resources.

    On the other hand, via redirection at the web hosting level;

    example.com could be pointed to one set of documents (a website)
    www.example.com could be pointed at a separate set of documents (another website)

    Anyone able to clarify?
  • MarkbrookMarkbrook Registered Users
    This is what I can say you have informed us very well webslinger I was never researched about it. If I talk about my self I am not able to clarify it.
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