What is Off page?

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What is Off page?


  • JadeJade Registered Users
    Off page is one of the technique used in SEO in whch you have to work from outside of the site like you have to do forum posting,blog commenting,social bookmarking,directory submission,press relese,article marketing etc so that you get backlinks for the site and you site can move up in the SERP.
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    As the name suggests, it implies the SEO work done "off" your site, for instance link building, and i think Social Media Optimisation can also fit in that category.
  • RajforumRajforum Registered Users
    According to me Off page optimization is the method of building links for your site while you have to target a specific keyword for rankings by making your out bound link more and promoting your site.
  • abinjoyabinjoy Registered Users
    off page is one of the techniques used by seo to promote the site
  • scottgerriscottgerri Registered Users
    Offpage is part of SEO,its involves much activity like Article Submission,Blog,Press Release,Social Bookmarking,Directory Submission,Document Sharing,Social networking etc..
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    In search engine optimization, off-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results.There various techniques included in off page which are
    -Forum posting
    -blog commenting
    -social bookmarking
    -directory submission
    -rss feed submission
    -classifieds ad
    -guest blogging
    -article marketing
  • abinjoyabinjoy Registered Users
    thats the thing jade, it also includes yellow pages
  • SteladawsonSteladawson Registered Users
    Just target a keyword and it can be done by OFF page optimization so you can get more backlinks which surely increase your page rank.
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