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Hello guys,
I m new in SEO and need your advice.
Actually i have tried everything to boost my website ranking on Google/Yahoo/MSN and have failed. Now tell me what should i do or should i use OneWayLinkText dot com, i heard it helps you to improve your site ranking? Plz help me out.


  • AllenSantiago 100 Post Club
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    Yes, It is true that one-way link becomes very effective to improve your ranking in the search engine. One-way link and three-way link both are the best for link building process. The techniques for one-way link building includes article submission, forum posting, blog commenting, directory submission, press release, social networking sites and lots more. Hope you will bring your site on top ranking through techniques.
  • gaurav467 100 Post Club
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    one way link increase the the your keyword rank in google such as directory submission,blog submission,article and so on.....this is benefit for your website...
  • Roshoo Registered Users
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    Yes.. It will improve your Google ranking..
  • kattehudson Registered Users
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    One way linking will definitely help you to boost your rank in search engine. Linking with your niche keyword will gives banklinks that help you to rank you can use article submission, press release, comment posting, forum posting and directory submission for getting one way link.
  • rack 100 Post Club
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    Yes sure! If we will post on top Page rank site than that can be good for SEO terms. Thanks to share with us.
  • mallory Registered Users
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    One Way Link is an extremely important factor in SEO. The more themeatic links pointing to your website in major search engines. While not a replacement for solid on-site optimization, quality link-building will dramatically enhance the effects of good search engine optimization
  • ptduran Registered Users
    edited December 2011 is just an automated submission tool. I would say.. better go for manual submission if you wanted results. But doesn't care about automated listing. I think this will never be an effective tool for high competition keywords.
  • crowdfinchcrowdfinch Registered Users
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    What are the strategies you have completed for getting backlinks? You do not necessary to use the onwaytext You can try to offpage work with quality & relevant not for quantity only
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