Google Keyword Tool Inflating Results?

David TanguayDavid Tanguay Registered Users, Facebook Connected
edited December 2011 in Google
Unless I am missing something, it seems the Google Keyword Tool is highly inaccurate when it shows Global and Local searches.

For example for the exact search term "interactive online" it says Local Monthly Searches is 1,830,000 and Global is 6,120,000. Our website is the #1 result for this search term for years now and we only get about 100 visits per month for that search term according to Google Analytics.

This isn’t the only search term and site we've noticed this huge discrepancy. It seems Google highly inflates those results.

Am I missing something here?

I just don't see how "interactive online" gets searched for 1.8 million times monthly in the US but we only get about 100 visitors per month for that search term… and we're the #1 result.

Any ideas why there is this huge discrepancy?


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