Fuzzy SEO keywords are not displaying when page is used as a 'front page'

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I'm using Fuzzy SEO on one of my sites and it works great, except for one case. Fuzzy SEO widget is not displaying any results on a page when I set it as a 'front page' in WordPress settings. If I will turn it back to be 'regular' page, Fuzzy keywords are displaying properly, but when I set this page back to be 'front page', all the keywords are gone.

Did you guys experience similar issue? Any solutions or work-arounds?

I'd appreciate any comments/thoughts.



  • biehubiehu Registered Users
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    I think I found the solution to the above issue ;)

    In seoqueries.inc file replace line 163:
    $page_id = $wp->query_vars;
    global $post;
    $page_id = $post->ID;

    And Fuzzy SEO keywords will start displaying properly on your home page.

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