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    good. i will check it~
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    its nice tool i am using it on all my word press blogs, it rocks
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    also can install "seo all in one" plug in
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    I have been using the plugin for a while now and think it's pretty good however I too have experienced the same SQL errors. I do use WP Super Cache so I don't know if that is the problem but in all the errors the SQL Query is missing the appropriate post ID value.

    I have put a workaround in to stop the error by adding to the seoqueries_get_page_terms function (just after the first IF statement) and in the seoqueries_init function just before the main select statement from the searchterms_data table the following code which exits if there is no valid ID or Type
    // if there is no page ID or page type quit now
    	if(empty($seoqueries->type) || $seoqueries->id = ''){		

    Also I have found that there is an easy "hack" which can be used by people who may want to disrupt your site which uses the referer value to insert content you may not want to appear on your site. For example if you have a site with lots of content you might have many examples of words such as arse, gay or any kind of swear word which could be totally unrelated to your sites main content but appears anyway e.g a quote from someone, a comment or even something taken out of context.

    Someone with a feeble childlike and puerile mind only need do a site: [domain] [word] search in google to find an instance of that word in any article and then they could append extra content around said word which would then be inserted into the list of referer terms on your site.

    Therefore if you work with childlike colleagues (as I unfortunately do) you will need to handle this fact by adding in a basic rude word filter e.g

    $bs = "/\b(badword1|badword2|badword3)\b/iu";

    Also you may want to tighten it up as I had to do to prevent any referral content posted from certain IP's (maybe your office) from being added.

    This is accomplished with a simple check for the IP address and a test for "unsafe" locations.

    It would be nice if we lived in a world where this wasn't necessary but as I found out for myself we don't :) so therefore we need to put in safeguards otherwise you could find your sites list of words contains more than you bargained for.

    I would also suggest adding some more indexes to the tables you add with the plugin as I already have quite a large list of words and have increased the lookup performance considerably by some index tuning.
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    Thanks for the great plugin. You're sooo cool
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    its needfull information to all
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    your discussion is very useful for me to solve my problem thanx for sharing

    Reputation Management
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    Cool plugin, I will check this out and see what will be it effects on my site.
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    I really like the plugin, I've tested it out on a few sites and am now expanding it to other sites as well. Can the plugin be modded for phpLD?
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