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Hello! Thanks for this plugin. I have a few doubts about it.

1. I'm recording 25 queries, configured in the panel. I don't use widgets in my theme, so added the seoqueries_get_page_terms($plain_text = false) function and works well. However, what is the args avaliable for this funtions? Its possible to output the 25 queries in tags.php (for tags archive) and, for ex. only 10 in single.php (for posts) ? The soft record the most used searchs, right? The "least used" are deleted or keep recording?

2. It would be a risk put a expansable div with all queries, but "none display" by default? I mean, google risks of bad seo. The visitor can see the related searchs box, but have to click on the expand button first. I also consider echo seoqueries_get_page_terms($plain_text = true) in the title of post, inside <h1>, lets says <h1 title="<?php seoqueries_get_page_terms($plain_text = true); ?>" This is spammy? If it output the 25 default terms seems to be spammy, but would not if I can output, lets say, only the top 5.

hmm sorry for my bad english... hope someone can understand and answer me.

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