download area?

How do I get to the download area?
I have as yet no gold version.


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    Hi Cybeth,

    can you PM me your paypal transaction ID?


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    you have PN with Transactionscode

    have paid 2. Jul 2010 00:30:28 MESZ
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    I bought the Gold for vBulletin on July since then my Requests are beeing ignored.

    I have no access to the download area as well as no access to the payed support forum (if there is one)
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    [lang=de]Ich habe jetzt in allen deutschen Supportforen von vB eine Warnung über diese Seite rausgegeben und werde das noch weiter im Internet verbreiten. Hier gibt es keinen Support und niemand soll hier per PayPal zahlen.

    Das ist einfach ein Witz das Ganze hier.

    Ich kann nur jeden warnen, Finger weg von dieser Seite.[/lang]
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    I would also like to ask where I can download the newest version. What the heck are you trying to pull here, exactly?
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    Hey I made a purchase... but i cant find the download crazy right where do I go?

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    Notice to all: the download area now works again.

    When we migrated servers (about 4 weeks ago) a bug was introduced that meant the cart was not able to find the correct file. I have patched the installation and its now working as it should.

    I really apologise for any time that was wasted by people not able to download the files correctly, its been a very busy month for me (new job, got married, spoke at 5 SEO conferences, etc!) but Im back now - and hope to make up for it!

    thanks, and sorry again.

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