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subhsubh Registered Users
Hi, I started SEO before 3 months for one my Israel business. The site is
I am not much experienced in SEO and Internet marketing areas.

Built some backlinks and on-site factors (Using Woorank and website review tools). Everything seems good. But I dont see any visitors are coming to the site.

3 months over but still no rankings were improved.

Suggest me where I am lagging?



  • jitenseojitenseo DelhiRegistered Users
    How much long old your website. because must be 6+ month old any new site for make work proper.. so you should firstly make social pages and sharing at social media sites, web 2.0 blogs and make update day by day and digg your sites also.

    and don't worry about your site visitors.. will be begin soon.... as you will do that.
  • webindia123webindia123 IndiaRegistered Users
    take the help of any experienced SEO company with good client portfolio.
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