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I would like to review a new free e-mail service designed mostly for student groups:

Mail4Group is a successful e-project created by three students

It’s a free platform which supports communication and collaboration of school and students groups, clubs etc. Communicate as a group, share your study notes, create shared events and browse study materials left by older students. Professors can reach you via your common address, and all the messages will be in one place. Each user has it’s own account, but the whole group has got one shared e-mail address. In Mail4Group you gain access to our study notes base which contain materials uploaded by previous students from numerous universities. Resources can be added, labeled and sorted more easily than with GMail or any other mailbox.
This convenient communication platform can effectively help you to prepare for exams and stay in contact with your students group.
Mail4Group is an alternative for groups of students which created an e-mail group using Gmail, Yahoo or Yandex. Such shared inboxes, although very popular among students, can carry several risks :

- your e-mails can 'vanish' when someone removes them accidentally (or not)
- you do not know who really has access to your mailbox
- when someone mess up with your messages, it’s impossible to find out who is guilty
- Possibilities for organizing and archiving your notes are very limited.

Thanks ;)
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