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Hi Everyone,

Now that has grown to be one of the largest SEO forums on the internet, its become a requirement to finally enforce some rules on everyone to keep the board running well. Its a shame we've had to do this, but a small % of the members have recently been spamming and spoiling the board for everyone else.

The Basic Rules:

1) no bad language.
2) no linking to your own sites for the first 50 posts
3) no SPAM of any type - EVER.
4) no posting useless posts to increase post count (examples: "thanks for the info" or "what is...[insert random keyword]"
5) no linking to malware/spyware - EVER
6) no illegal stuff, ie stolen credit cards or whatever...
NEW 7) no copy/paste posting threads from other forums

Some Important Other Considerations
ie. not quite rules, but you're likely to get in trouble if you do it repeatedly

1) please SEARCH THE FORUM before you post to see if your questions has already been asked/answered
2) mindless, inane conversations are ok, as long as thats not ALL you do, and the "off topic" area is there for a reason.

Rule Enforcement:

If you see anyone breaking the above rules, PLEASE REPORT THEM.

Every post contains a "report this post button" underneath it on the left hand side.
If you do a good job of reporting posts that break the rules, you might even get promoted to be a moderator ;)


Depending on how bad your rule breaking is, and what the weather is like, various things might happen if you break the rules including:

1) your post is deleted
2) your post is deleted + an infraction is given (10 infractions = lifetime ban + all your posts deleted)
3) ALL your posts are deleted & you're banned, forever.
4) a plague of locusts descends upon your website hosting and munch all your files. (seriously)


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