Looking for Advice. 3 month old site not ranking well. low domain authority. Not sure why?

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Hi I am new to this forum. I am an SEO Manager with about 9 months experience. I have a client's website that is not ranking well after 3 months of going live. I am following our standard onsite procedures for SEO and not generating any success. Other clients in this service industry are doing great. I need some advice on why this site may be performing poorly. It still shows a domain authority of 1 in SEO Moz. It's in the service/construction industry and has under 10 pages of content. I am trying to optimize around 2 services. I have done the basics such as Title tags, Meta Descriptions, set up in Google Analytics, submitted a sitemap in webmaster tools, and other basic onsite optimization. I know we haven't built any incoming links to the website yet. Still a work in progress. However, I have seen sites rank well in this industry without incoming links initially. The content is optimized around one city, so I am not trying to achieve nationwide rankings. All coding appears to be fine. Site is built in Wordpress. All of my standard plugins are working as well.

I am not looking for advice on how to do my job, just curious if anyone has seen a website not perform well for a service in an area that has a medium/high level area of competition. What are some reasons why this wouldn't be ranking well?


~ Perplexed


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    Sounds like the regular combined works for higher SEO performance have been completed as should.

    Can you give us the website to analyze.?.

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    Do any sites actually rank with only 3 months of life? but what type of ranking do you
    expect with a new site? Do you think google is going to offer traffic to burn up the site
    being so new, and hardly out of the gate...and what do you call seo? to me, these days
    seo only means how much you can spam your site to the world, and hope google doesn't slap you....
    I guess there could be a ton of factors, and one being stuck in the google's sand world....
    personally, I do not think i would throw any serious seo money down on a new site, you
    are just spamming, and flushing the clients money down the hole, wait for the site to
    age so it can start getting natural backlinks...trying to make a buck with any site these days
    is certainly is already being done by others, and it takes longer, and longer just to get some traction....
    then they get bored because the riches/traffic did not flood in, then give up....

    3 month site is nothing, seo is long term, hard, time consuming work, and someone
    could spend alot of money before seeing any decent results, if they see any reslts at all...

    nothing is ever guaranteed...

    competion is really tough, and it gets tougher all the time with people
    setting up the same sites trying to get the very same customers that
    everyone else on the planet is trying to get....

    sorry, your seo question is far to board, and you should have known this before you even asked....
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