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You guys may have noticed the "advertise here" banners currently on the homepage.

Well, we are trialling out a new advertising partner, whom have come highly recommended to us here at

You can now buy both banner slots and text links on our site, to do so just check out the link below:

If you have any questions, please let me know here!




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    hi ,

    i am interested in buying banner and side wide text link on your forum. Before starting the deal i would like to know your websites stats or visitors statistics. Can you provide google analytic details or any other screen shot which shows current reality of the visitors.

    i am looking for 6 month plan so would like to know everything about the targeted visitors.

    Please reply soon.

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    Hello. Im interested with $400 [ Header 728x90 ] but its already been taken. The only thing i see was the $30 [ Sidebar Text Links & Description ]. Anyway. May i know google analytic details of this site like daily/monthly visitors. I am looking for 1 year plan. If everything goes well. I'll pay more. Waiting for some response too. Thanks.
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    This site receives around 160,000 visitors per month - but all of the impression stats for the banner placements are on the platform.

    You can reserve a place for future use (for free) if one of the advertisers drops out. I recommend this to make sure you manage to get a spot.
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