What are the latest updates of SEO in 2018?

simpliosimplio Registered Users
As everyone know SEO updates are changing day to day. What changes took place in 2018?


  • stewartcristanstewartcristan indiaRegistered Users
    As Google continues to embrace AI and incorporate more of it into their search algorithms, we can expect search results to start behaving in less predictable ways. This will not always be a good thing, but it is something we should be prepared for.
    AI doesn’t change much in the way of long-term SEO strategies. Optimizing for AI is essentially optimizing for humans, since the goal of a machine-learning algorithm is to make predictions similar to those of humans.
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  • simpliosimplio Registered Users
    I have mentioned in the thread that I want to know the SEO updates which took place in 2018, not these stupid things which are mentioned by one of the forum users in above comment. :angry:
  • ewebacewebac MumbaiRegistered Users
    Google Rank Brain is the latest update on google which is also called as machine learning or AI. Which means search engines now a days are very smart and try to understand the query before showing any results..
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