Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Apps Uninstall Rates

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So you have developed an amazing mobile app, marketed it well and downloads have started to pour in.

But wait a minute…

Your user count is still low and not growing.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Now that’s a worrying statistic.

Don’t know why users are uninstalling your app soon after downloading it.

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    So, what can you do to keep your application on your users’ phones, being opened and used regularly? Even with a lightning-fast app, an excellent user interface, and no intrusive notifications and frequent updates, you are not guaranteed to reduce app uninstalls.

    However, through our research, we’ve found some things that you can do to keep your users engaged with your application month after month.


    1.Understand your customers well:
    2.Measure app engagement:
    3.Be consistent with app updates:
    4.Measure the KPIs:
    5.Provide ease of support:
    6.Be personal:
    7.Participate in a regular engaging dialogue:
    8.Minimize distractions:
    9.Stand with your USP:
    10.Assure customer privacy:
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