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How does B2B SEO works? Is there a big difference in the common/old SEO strategies? I'm wondering if you practice this B2B in your firm. I'm trying to understand if this is something we need to do for our business and if its necessary for us to look for a service provider. Thanks.


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    B2B strategy is used to be able to gather links to improve a site's ranking. But, it would be better if you consult a SEO expert for management programs of B2B.
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    SEO is same for all. All optimization technique will be the same. B2B and B2C are the model of businesses. But in SEO you can take this into consideration while performing keyword research.

    For E.g.

    Buy online Pendrive 32 gb - This is a b2c keyword.
    Pendrive Suppliers - This is a b2b keyword.

    Hope you got the point.

    Thanks :)
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    In B2B SEO we do SEO big companies who wants lead, business through another company. In B2B big company target to small & medium sized company. They offers some enterprise class solution so for companies not for the particular 1 person.
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    B2B Search Marketing often presents unique challenges for search engine optimization and managing profitable SEM programs. Columnists provide tips for common business-to-business search marketing issues such as lengthy conversion cycles, finding qualified buyers, the role search marketing plays in the overall sales process and more.
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