Could you please share some tips on succeeding with your blog strategy.

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When It Comes To SEO, Which Is Best For Blogging? Keywords Or Topics? could you please share some tips on succeeding with your blog strategy. Thanks!


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    I think that things which is most earn related, if you use that topic, It'll be best.

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    It ultimately comes down to how much effort you put into your blog. However there are a few important things that will help set you up for success.

    The most important thing is making sure you self-host your blog and use WordPress. You don’t really control your blog if you don’t self-host it. Some blogging sites run ads on your blog and can take your blog down without notice Self-hosting gives you full control over your blog and gives you the most freedom when it comes to design.

    Getting back to my main point, blogging requires time and effort. The time you put into initially starting your blog, designing it, writing posts, promoting it, and learning and reading other blogs is an investment and will all contribute to if your blog becomes successful or not. The thing is, many bloggers quit just before they start seeing success.

    How to Build a Successful Blog:

    Not only should you work hard, but you also need to work smart. Learn how to properly set up your blog, how to promote it, how to develop an audience, etc. Here is a list of important things that can make a blog successful.

    .Self-host your blog.
    .Use WordPress (your web host should have easy one-click WordPress installs)
    .Choose the right topic for you. Blogging is easier of you like the topic you are writing about.
    .Have a good design. WordPress makes this simple- themes take care of this for you and are as good as having a professional designer.
    .Make sure your site loads quickly (choose a good web host)
    .Create great blog content. Quality content attracts more shares, views, and links back to your site.
    .Use images in your posts. They can increase your engagement by over 2x.
    .Promote your blog. Don’t expect people to know about your blog if you don’t get it out there. Start by telling your friends about it and including it in your email signature. Promoting on social media is a must. Make sure you take care of basic SEO so search engines pick you up- there is a potential to drive massive amounts of traffic with search engines.
    .Build a community. Respond to your comments, create a newsletter, and engage with other bloggers. Doing this will help attract more visitors to your site.
    .Mention influences. If you mention another blogger or important person in your niche, let them know about it (easily done with a tweet or by email). If they like your post, they can retweet/post it to their entire audience.
    .Mix up your content- don’t bore your readers with the same old stuff all the time. Do contests, roundups, lists, case studies, stories, interviews, etc.
    .Make it easy for your readers to share your posts. Again this is easy with WordPress, there are many plugins out there such as Add This.
    .Don’t give up. You will certainly never have a successful blog if you quit before it takes off. For some this is a few months, and in some cases it can take longer.

    Hope that helps.
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