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hello friends,
im asking this bcause my website lost visitors before some days and i dont know why ?
can any one suggest me my site is


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    Increase a Rank a particular keywords ..

    The ultimate goal for Search engin optimization content is to improve the ranking of the website, It can be done in many ways like

    · Blog posting- posting blogs on different websites(Blogger)

    · Blog commenting- commenting on others blog, discussion and leaving website links

    · Directory submission- Submitting the website details on various directories

    · Social bookmarking- posting content on various social bookmarking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

    · Creating Video then posting- creating video using various online/offline tools, sometimes client provides the video. The SEO uploads the video on various websites and then shares it. The title of the website should contain the keyword.

    · Q & A- Question and Answering means posting queries on various websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers etc. And also answering others questions. While posting question or answer we need to use the keyword.

    · Forum posting- There are various forums for discussion, where you can start the discussion related to the keyword and post it.

    · Image backlinks- posting the images related to the website and giving it title containing the keyword, many websites also provides option to submit the link to the website, if the option is not there then you can write text on your image contacting details about your website.

    · Web 2.0-

    · Press release- Press release is a kind of article publishing in this you have to follow certain rules, then submit to various newsletter websites.

    · Ad posting- The paid way of Advertisement in which you can use .
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    There are lots of SEO techniques, you will find while searching on Google. Including all those common practices that are mostly followed by all SEO professionals. There is one difference in performing all activities and that is quality of work. Always choose quality over quantity.
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    You can start by doing <a href="">Off Page optimization </a> like social bookmarking, article submission etc.
  • AdgonlinesolutionAdgonlinesolution Registered Users
    Highly recommend to do On-Page first
    then do Off-Page strategies
    Web 2.0
    blog posting
    Article posting
    Forum Posting
    Blog Commenting
    Question Answering
    These all activities will help to rank your website
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    You have to create more quality back-links to your website, because Backlinks may generate over 100,00 unique monthly visitors.
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    Do on page activities correctly and then do off page activities like
    blog commenting
    article submission
    forum posting
    blog posting.etc
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    There are many SEO techniques. You can apply good and updated techniques of on-page and off-page SEO in your web page like forum posting, question and answering, blog commenting, article posting, classified, image submission and write interesting and optimized content on a webpage with attractive headlines. And focus on the strong keywords. Thus, you can increase your SEO scope.
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    There was an update in the Google algorithm in March. We have been affected as well. But as soon as we saw an increase in traffic, things started to settle for us. Things like this happen when there is an update. You check your site again as most webmasters saw an increase in their ranks and traffic again, unless you lost your rankings.
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