What is Best Practice in SMO?

eyugeyug GurgaonRegistered Users
How to generate actual leads by social media marketing?


  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    Facebook's lead generation works fine for me. I have generated around 1000 leads from the potential audience who are looking for Home Energy switching however my campaign for car insurance partially failed to generate sufficient leads.
  • IntuzIntuz CaliforniaRegistered Users
    Social media optimization is the part of search engine optimization that deals with all things social.

    SMO includes:

    Setting up and optimizing social media platform profiles to make them as visible and relevant as possible.
    Publishing fresh, interesting, shareable content and visuals.
    Participating in social conversations to humanize your company and build brand recognition
    Providing a place where customers can praise or complain about your company's service or products
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