How to Speed Up Website?

giribestbusgiribestbus HyderabadRegistered Users
As a SEO i came to know that, Website Page Loading Speed will effect SEO rankings.
But my Website taking too much of time while loading. I have checked in tools like GTMetrix & Google's Page Speed Insights. & most of them were related to CSS & JavaScript & some coding related issues. I have cotacted the Web Developer & he has solved the issues what ever he understood, but still my site speed is nit increased.
So, can any Expert Help me to Speed up my website. (

Thanks in Advance!


  • GndronacharyaGndronacharya Greater NoidaRegistered Users
    Website page loading speed is depend upon the size of content as well as server of data base. Content delivery network is a new tool which help you to cope up with these kind of problem.
  • totomprototompro https://totom.proRegistered Users
    To upgrade your pagespeed you should follow Google PageSpeed Insight Webmaster guidelines. Without following their guidelines, it isn't possible to increase your pagespeed score on Google PageSpeed Insight.
  • communicationcraftsscommunicationcraftss USARegistered Users
    Web site speedup depends upon web site content and his images size. for seo point of view website page loading time should be is come. Pages loading time is effect on keywords ranking and website traffics.
  • BalajicouriercargoBalajicouriercargo New DelhiRegistered Users
    on page SEO and CND are the best way to speed up the website which help to increase its google ranking.
  • mukeshkr5683mukeshkr5683 Registered Users
    On page seo and Faster Server can Speed up your website Performance. Before take hosting plans make sure that your Web server are near by your visitor that will also a big factor in website Speed.
  • Line9InlineLine9Inline San Antonio,Texas.Registered Users
    If have JavaScript in the head section of your Html and it's near the opening head tag then try putting it just before the closing head tag instead. This will help eliminate what is known as Render Blocking Script and help speed up your pages load time.
  • Anand_1Anand_1 IndiaRegistered Users
    I gone through this site ( its too slow to show the city and area.I don't know about HTML but you should consult your web designing team to speed up your website.
  • Anand_1Anand_1 IndiaRegistered Users
    on page SEO and CND are the best way to speed up the website which help to increase its google ranking.

    what is CND?
  • ewebacewebac MumbaiRegistered Users
    You can reduce your page loading by minimizing the image size or compress your images. And the best things which you can do is minimize your css and js with the help of minify.
  • EmilyCrunkletonEmilyCrunkleton DubaiRegistered Users

    One of the way to speed up website is by optimizing images. Over-sized images take longer to load. So it is very important to keep your image small and also crop images to correct size.
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    First thing would be caching. You can install plugins like w3tc or super cache. It can significantly improve your page speed. I personally subscribe to a paid service called Max CDN. I incorporate the CDN dns in the mentioned plugins. What it does is that it creates a cache site for your main website, leading to fast loading of your site.

    And then after that, you can install plugins that can optimize the size of your images. You don't have to worry about the quality of the image. In my experience, the quality of the image remained the same.

    Also, you can transfer all jss and flash files at the footer. Flash files, most especially, can slow your site down, so it's better to minimize using them.

    I almost forgot, you can minify all jss and css files. There are plugins you can use for this, but what it means is just to delete those breaklines in those files, and stick everything together. You can browse it online to have a quick look at it.
  • liyanstechliyanstech KolkataRegistered Users
    It depends on the size of website Content & Images.
  • freepricecomparefreepricecompare LondonRegistered Users
    For FreePriceCompare website, we applied all standard practice for speeding up the website like image compress, simplify the scripts and other things. Server response plays an important role in order to speed up the website so please make sure that you are on the high-speed server.
  • pixelaurapixelaura MohaliRegistered Users
    Yes, absolutely right its depend on the website size, type, content and images. With the help of your developer team you can easily increase the speed of website.
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    I decided to write some tips and tricks that can decrease pages load time as much as possible. Any search engine wants to provide users a great user experience, just like Google, and a fast site improves overall site quality and increases user satisfaction. Everybody deserves a fast web experience. Some of the following tips are implemented well by SEOmoz, but I will explain them anyway because of their general usefulness.

    Here are some tips for Speed Up Website.

    a) Server

    1. Leverage browser caching
    2. Enable Keep-Alive
    3. Enable gzip compression
    4. Make landing page redirects cacheable
    5. Use a CDN

    b) Content elements

    1. Minimize redirects
    2. Remove query strings from static resources
    3. Specify a character set
    4. Minify your codes
    5. Avoid bad requests
    6.Serve resources from a consistent URL
    7. Reduce DNS lookups

    c) CSS, JS and Images

    1. Specify image dimensions
    2. Optimize images
    3. Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom
  • johnparker92johnparker92 USARegistered Users
    Absolutely Right, you are web site is very slow. Once tell to your website developer team, they will increase website speed.
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    1) WP supercache plugin
    2) Plugins that can optimized photos like ShortPixel.
    3) CDN caching. It helps a lot. You incorporate this in the wp supercache.
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