Need Help - Bing Not Displaying Meta Description of My Site's Pages

john_99293john_99293 Registered Users
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Hi everyone,

I have added the meta description of my WordPress site's pages using All-in-One SEO plug-in. But they are not being displayed on Bing. However, Google is displaying them perfectly.

Why the meta description of my website's pages in not being displayed on Bing? What should I do?

Please, help me. I am new in SEO.

Thanks in advance.


  • Line9InlineLine9Inline San Antonio,Texas.Registered Users
    Contact the developer who created the plugin and ask them if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. There really isn't anything I can think of as to why this would be happening with the possible exception that the code within the plugin isn't transmitting the data over to Bing or Bings spiders haven't crawled your site yet.
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