what is Bounce Rate in Seo?

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what is Bounce Rate in Seo? Share Your Ideas With me.


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    Bounce rate is used in Google analytcs. It is the number of visits in percentage in which a person comes to your webpage and leaves from the webpage without visiting any other webpages.
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    The bounce rate is that any users come to your website and spend number of minutes that google analytic tool count your bounce rate term. If daily many number of users stay on your website so you will get definitely awesome traffic.

    How to Reduce Bounce rate
    1. Add every page unique and valuable content in every page with image to users can stay more time at your website.
    2. Provide helpful services to users prefer your website.
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    One of the most underestimated and under-valued metrics of any website’s SEO campaign is the site’s “bounce rate”. What does bounce rate mean and why is it important? That’s a great question and one that Google doesn’t help us much with.we should define the word “bounce” in SEO terms. I believe a “bounce” is when a searcher uses Google to find your site via specific keyword searches and, upon clicking your Google listing for said keywords, immediately (or within a specific time frame that isn’t defined by Google) clicks the “back” button on his/her browser, thus taking the searcher back to the Google listings. I realize this might sound a little complicated, but it is fairly simple when you consider how search engines works and why a bounce might effect the rankings of a website.
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    Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors that leave after only viewing 1 page of your site.
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