Rank a website without backlinks

ajeetsinghajeetsingh Gurgaon , IndiaRegistered Users
How to rank a website without backlinks ? I have observed many of website does not have backlinks but the website in top rank in SERP. If any one is master please explain.


  • spyindiaanuspyindiaanu Delhi Registered Users
    No, without backlinks how it is possible.
  • webslingerwebslinger AustraliaModerators
    ajeetsingh wrote: »
    How to rank a website without backlinks ? I have observed many of website does not have backlinks but the website in top rank in SERP. If any one is master please explain.

    Care to give us some examples of sites that rank without links?

    Question 1: Where are you getting your information from regarding the back links of these sites?

  • ajeetsinghajeetsingh Gurgaon , IndiaRegistered Users
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  • WebOutGatewayWebOutGateway Pasig City, PhilippinesRegistered Users

    Good day!. Yes, a website can rank without backlinks.

    To be able to rank website without backlink:
    1.) Find a keyword related to your niche with atleast 1000 searches per month. 2.) Buy an atleast 1 year old domain. 3.) Create high quality articles with atleast 800 words focused on your selected keyword.

    Ranking your website without backlink is possible. However, website with backlink can rank higher on the SERP.
  • johnallenjohnallen Registered Users
    edited September 2014
    I think this is the ways to rank without backlinks that can be hifh on SERP

    1. Find the zero competition keywords
    2. Find the low search volume keywords
    3. Create strong and excellent quality content
    4. Any aged domain with an excellent keyword would require you to spend quite a bit of money
    Methods for ranking a niche website with no backlinks: Find a keyword with at least 1000 searches per month,
    Pick a domain that have already register or one that has been registered for at least a year, Create 20 high quality articles of 800 words or more focused on similar keywords
  • johnparker92johnparker92 USARegistered Users
    Hello please check that site back link in ahrefs.com. It will give answer for your question. I think that, without back link website will not rank.
  • DeepakSingh1DeepakSingh1 Registered Users
    Getting a high rank without backlinks is quite difficult, As backlinks play a significant role in website ranking, it seems only a one way to get high rank without backlinks is on-page optimization of websites.
  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    I'm a bit of a confuse on this one since, technically, it is known that you get rankings depending on your backlink. Anyway, if some of your pages have good rankings in particular keywords, then perhaps you have written a pretty good page with quality info and well distributed targeted keywords. If you get backlinking off the equation, I would say that writing a really good content filled with just enough keywords (depending on whatever you are ranking for), would be great for ranking.
  • akashsharmaakashsharma Registered Users
    Webpage ranking without backlinks is possible if the site has less competitors,high quality and unique website content with keyword enrich and good on-page optimization.
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