3-4 lines of description in google search results

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Hello there

My name is Michael. I come from Denmark, and i have a question (or a confirmation) i would like to ask you guys about.

This is my first thread in here, so please be be nice to me :-)

- For a while I've been notice that some results on Google, came up with 3 or 4 lines of description, and some times only 2, but with ... (3 dots) in the end of the description. Is this because there is highly rated content on the page, or a long meta description? Or is it because of multiple keywords?

It's seem to me that this is a bit of both. Also it shows up summary of the content, and with keywords with a bold - so with that i'm pretty sure? Or?

Also last year (In August or something) Google change the way the handle the title and description. They stopped measuring the characters, and now goes for the pixels. Again, I've done some few test my self, and i can get a little longer title on my page, but not as long as out there.

I've done a few search, but i'm still a bit confused.



Regards from Denmark

Michael Bay


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