which is effective technique to gain traffice Blogging or Article Submission?

moris12moris12 Registered Users
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IS the Blogging is most effective than the submission of article on different sites of article?


  • morganlongmorganlong Registered Users
    Both are effective Off page SEO techniques. But I mostly prefer Blogging technique. It gives me good result. It also brings quality backlinks which is good for my Website. And blogging is easy and low cost technique. I also do guest Blogging which increase traffic on my site.
  • rachelsjohnasrachelsjohnas Registered Users
    Obviously blogging is the best to gain traffic at one place and if you need traffic on your article/Content then Article submission is best. it depends on what you want.
  • moris12moris12 Registered Users
    IS Personal Blog is most benifical or creating blog with focus on any keyword
  • Monika.vMonika.v Registered Users
    Yes blogging is better than article submission, as its easy, fast and generate more traffic besides this blogging help in search engine crawling and helpful in seo point of view as blogs can be optimized according to seo and can be personalized.
  • davew00ddavew00d Registered Users
    They should go hand in hand.

    You could be writing articles tailored to different outlets. You could also, theoretically, post lower quality or "failed" pieces of content on article directory sites (in order to build links), whilst saving your best content for your own blog.
  • jenettjohnsonjenettjohnson Registered Users
    In SEO 2012 prospective, both blogging as well as article submission play important role in driving more traffic to a particular website.
  • cory_Jcory_J Registered Users
    Blogging an article submission does not guarantee that your site will rank. It takes more than these two ways that you mentioned, a full SEO strategy also includes link building, social media and building online reputation so that your readers will know your expertise.
  • DhanishtaDhanishta Registered Users
    A basic strategy for using a blog to help bring traffic to your site. Details how to get links to your site for SEO purposes. So obviously blogging is better than the article submission.
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