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As the title said,Now we need to buy many text links and if you have please contact me via (smithbacklinks at gmail dot com) or (bonniecon at foxmail dot com)and the requirements of the sites are as follows:
1. We need the unique sites which not the blog sites, of course, if the blogs are very good,you can provide to me
2. above PR4(pr4- pr10)
3. the index needs to be above 5,000
4. the niches are not fixed, we need all kinds of the niches of high quality, of course not include the Gambling ones

If you have or you can find such sites, please do not hesitate to contact with me,thanks

Looking forward to your response.

Best wishes



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    How to judge site quality if you want to buy backlinks on one site

    Site quality is a measure of a website quality standards, the current search engines are not yet publicly uniform standards,
    but according to the announcement of the various search engines and some data reports,
    we can roughly judge the quality of a website quality standards.

    1: Site Content

    Judged to site content not yet a good evaluation methods, it is mainly judged by the content of the user. The visitor’s evaluation method is also very simple: good content continue reading, not directly leave.

    Measure of a site’s content is good or not, you can judge a few rough indicators:

    (1), the natural links are active users of your network reproduced the contents of a website if the content has been recognized by the user, then the search engines is also very worthy of inclusion, and can be counted as valuable outside chains.

    (2), under normal circumstances, visit the Web site users stay on the site longer, indicating that the more valuable sites offer content that users are willing to spend more time to read and navigate.

    (3), if the site content is good enough, then the user will visit a number of related pages, we can call PV.

    (4), the higher the quality of the site’s content, then the site of the old will be more number of users, new users will visit your site again, that is, RV (repeat visitors).

    2: Web Traffic

    Web site traffic by definition is the site visits, mainly refers to the IP, UV, PV and some routine data, usually used to measure website quality indicator is the site of the PV.

    Web site traffic is the most common and most effective measure of site quality standards.

    3: Web User Experience

    Site has a good browsing experience includes the following aspects:

    Site with a clear hierarchy.

    Site has good performance: including browsing speed and compatibility.

    Website advertising does not interfere with the user’s normal access.

    Reasonable set of permissions for the site.

    if you want to buy backlinks from some sites, you can check the site content, traffic,user experience ! Hope you can get a good choice!

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    I have high quality sites in different niche and unique ips address
    USA hosted 35+ DA 40+ PA low obl .

    If you are interested let me know


    Skype : jhon.jin1
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