Submitting a sitemap to both Bing and Google

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Is it okay to submit your site or sitemap to both bing and google? I tried doing this two years ago. After I submitted in the Google webmaster tool, our traffic significantly improved in 2 weeks or so. And then I submitted to Bing/yahoo, our traffic started to significantly drop. Because of that, I took our bing account down. Although, I did not really gave it some time before dropping the bing account. The slip in traffic was just terrible. What do you guys think? Did you have the same experience? What can you advice?

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  • Xe_GraphXe_Graph Registered Users
    I had the same experience before. I'm not sure if I have posted it here or on the other forum, but I had the same exact experience. I actually double checked if I did this posting or not since it's the exact problem I had. What I did before was to immediately remove my site off the bing webmaster tool. Although it did not solve the issue immediately, I was so confused and did not know what to do. We were able to recover fully and even made traffic better the following year. Just early this year, I tried adding the site again to bing, and nothing terrible happened this time.

    I might have done something else before that must have caused it or there might have been an algorithm. I wasn't really sure. Most suggestions I got was to review what I did since they did not have any trouble with their sites being added on the bing tool as well.
  • govindrajputgovindrajput ahmedabadRegistered Users
    It might be a big leap to associate a drop in traffic with submitting a sitemap to Bing. I would think that the opposite, if anything at all, might happen.

    What else was going on with your site at the same time (or 6 months prior to the time) that you submitted to Bing? Perhaps there was another cause.
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