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    I've submitted my site many times on bing for yahoo as well but my site never indexed, just one page indexed. So frustrating.

    It's not the only way to be indexed in Bing search engine, and I would suggest to build links for your site through different platforms available. It's easy to optimize in Bing and Yahoo rather the Google.
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    The basic rules for Bing Search Engine Optimization that are
    If a crawler can’t access your content, the content won’t be indexed by search engines, nor will it be ranked
    Site Structure
    Provide a site structure with strong functionality, which helps encourage link building.
    Content Hierarchy
    When you plan your website’s content hierarchy, take care in aligning your content with what searchers are looking for and their intent during their journey on your URL. Basic keyword research can also help you understand how searchers are interacting with search engines, and can help craft your content strategy.
    On-Page Factors
    Follow a few simple guidelines for the area inside the code of your webpage denoted by the <head> tag. Each <title> should be short, about 65 characters, and unique to the page.
    Content Production
    Content is king, but not all content is fit to rule. What the engines seek is compelling, unique content
    Link Building
    When you build links, work to get targeted keywords inserted into the anchor text to boost relevancy for the targeted search term.

    Nice share with respect to bing optimization
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