How to get more traffic from Yahoo?

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In my Website i got traffic from Google but i never get good traffic from Yahoo. I submited my sitemap in Bing Wemaster tool and from problogger i got the idea of adding RSS feed on MyyahooPage. I did that too. But its not working. So, Now what can i do for getting a good amount of traffic from Yahoo?


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    up cho bác, chúc bác bán d?t h
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    Use yahoo services and algorithms purely. You get back links in yahoo shortly..
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    Hello, I am the creator of the website I would like to get more traffic to my site. I have used facebook ads, google analytics, and I have submitted my website to google, yahoo, and bing. My traffic is still falling short though. I was wondering if anyone had advice. By the way, the website is for Movie Reviews and Video Game Reviews; written by ordinary people. check it out for me and give me some advice? thank you.
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    Build links on yahoo answers.
    Cant say im an expert in yahoo search engines or what differentiates it from Google.
    But I would say they would look at that favorably.
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