Problems with long links not appearing

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I tried the free version, and then I got the GOLD, but i still get an issue with the script showing [replacer_a] where we have long text links in larger fonts. Now these links dont contain keywords to even be replaced but is somehow causing this [replacer_a] issue?



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    Hi Chris,

    can you PM me an example page, and how to replicate it - and i will take a look for you,

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    PM's Sent

    Scenario #2 I am running into

    overlapping keywords causing error..

    "Test Subject" link to
    "Test Subjects" Link ro mysite/testsubject

    When parsed, it does test subjects and test subject causing an issue with the output, miking in the alt text and displaying the hook code in plain text.

    Not sure if this is fixable ie, find long keyword first (order in keyword list?) and skip shorter words as first would already be in a link code.
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    Appears the [replacer_a] is not just on long links

    Some posts with two word links are doing the same.
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