CMS compatibility?

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I am very interesting at this plugin, is very useful for SEO but I want know if it is compatible also with vB CMS?
Or if not at the moment, in the next version it will be make compatible with CMS.

Thank you


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    great question - I dont know is the quick answer, as I dont run the CMS on any of my sites.

    why not download the free version from - and let us know! if it is not compatible I will make sure it is for the next version,


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    Hello Martin, thanks for reply.
    I am already testing it and it works well with forum (I use vB 4.0.2) but it seems doesn't work with CMS.
    Please, keep the possibility to add that function in your next version, many user that use the CMS will be more happy ;-)

    Thanks and good work
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    Sure thing - I will have it applied to the next version, the coders are starting work on these plugins on Monday next week, so Im hoping to have the revised release by the end of next week.


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    yeah ive just discovered it doesnt work with the CMS :( which i was really hoping it would. Would have been a great feature for my new forum launching next week, if your dev team would like a quick look at a CMS then give me a shout and ill let them play on a test board
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    Hello Martin, have you some news regard the compatibilty?

    Thank you
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    Any updates on this Martin ? Has the new version been released ?
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