what is the most different between sitemap. xml and sitemap.html ?

DevidmillarDevidmillar Augusta GARegistered Users
Hi everyone,
I want to know clearly that What is The Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap?


  • sagabizsolutionssagabizsolutions hyderabadRegistered Users
    XML is primarily for the webmasters to help search engines spiders to crawl their websites effectively
    HTML is written for the users. This kind of sitemap is mainly used to help visitors of a website to find what they want with ease or help the visitors clearly know the structure of a website.
  • sophievagtssophievagts San JoseRegistered Users
    - HTML Sitemap consists of visitors of website and human navigation of website, It is an old school landing page for users to find all of your pages on your
    website via single page.

    - The XML sitemap is for search engine spiders/bots, It can also be multiple files, but they are not visible to a user, only a search engine spider.
  • bindubindu Registered Users
    -HTML sitemap is used for users navigation but XML sitemap is for search engine...
  • starcreativesstarcreatives Registered Users
    HTML sitemap is used as a website page but XML sitemap is not used as website page. It is only for search engine
  • DevidmillarDevidmillar Augusta GARegistered Users
    Thanks to all of you
  • chandanachandana TutorsWeb, India.Registered Users
    The simplest explanation is that XML is primarily for the search engines while HTML is written for the users.

    A XML sitemap protocol is specifically intended for search engine spiders. At its root, XML is a file that includes all the behind the scenes activity on a web site. Not just the site’s main URL, but all the URLs within the site along with the associated metadata. This can include when the URL was last updated, how important it is, the average frequency changes occur, the URLs relation to the rest of the site, etc.

    HTML is just a general overview of the site, just the pages and info a user needs to be concerned with. If you’re on a web site and you’re looking for the shopping cart or the ‘Contact Us’ page and can’t find it, you’d go to the sitemap and easily find it there. While this is geared towards the user, it can also help your search engine ranking because your site is user-friendly and catering to the site visitor.
  • liveproteamliveproteam Bhilai,IndiaRegistered Users
    xml sitemap help search engines to find out your website pages to get indexed.Html sitemaps list all the hyperlinks of different pages of the website but XML sitemap lists URL's of website in a format which helps in indexing pages.
    HTML Sitemap: It's for human visitor. This sitemap accumulates all website link on one page. We can put 100 links on one page.

    XML Sitemap: XML sitemap, sometimes called Google sitemap is very beneficial for your website. This sitemap provides a single location to search engine crawler to crawl all of your web pages.
  • communicationcraftsscommunicationcraftss USARegistered Users
    Most Difference in sitemap.xml and sitemap.html

    Sitemap.xml is for Search Engine and Sitemap.html is for user view.

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